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The features shown below are included in the EasyPedigreeDB Interface Option package.

There are many new features in Pedigrees2020 that allow easy access to web sites hosted with EasyPedigreeDB.

NOTE: When Pedigrees2020 is connected to an EasyPedigreeDB web site AND HAS BEEN GRANTED BOTH READ AND WRITE PRIVILEGES by the web site owner, all of the pages show below can be used to upload, download or edit. Actual upload speeds will depend upon the type of internet connection used and the current internet traffic conditions.

Using a 280K cable internet connection, we have been able to upload databases at rates exceeding 250,000 records per hour. (305,000 records in 59min during a peak internet traffic hour) 

When web users are connected to an EasyPedigreeDB database in a "Read-Only" mode, Pedigrees2020 uses the on-line database as an extension of the users data. 

Below is shown a pedigree from a user database that has dead-ends. It does not have sufficient data to calculate meaningful inbreeding coefficients nor print a complete pedigree.

When connected to an EasyPedigreeDB web site, Pedigrees2020 will fill in any missing data in your pedigrees whenever possible.

Below is the same pedigree where data is available from the web. The blue, items and connection lines, represent data that was "Filled-In" from the web. You are now able to print a completed pedigree and calculate a more meaning full inbreeding coefficient.

Your data, in white, is NOT made public, it resides only on your computer. The web site owner is protected in that their data, in blue, is only on temporary "Loan" to you. It is never copied to your database and will no longer be available to you when you are off-line.

Data from EasyPedigreeDB web sites can be browsed (read only) as you would your own database.

As a full feature pedigree with dropdown offspring list and drag & drop navigation....

Record by record...

Or in spread sheet format....

Pedigrees2020 can also be used to make direct comparisons of your data vs. the web sites data. 

Differences will be highlighted in red as shown below. Available as "Record vs. record" or "Offspring list vs. Offspring list".


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