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Point and Click, Double click or Right click. Enter your data once and reuse it with a single click as many times as you need. What could be simpler? 

Pedigrees2020 will run on Win2000/NT/XP/Vista/ Windows7 Windows8 & Windows10. It is designed for animal breeders that want to keep records on their breeding program or to collect pedigree information from a variety of sources. Imports from all major pedigree programs are supported.

The program comes in three editions: Breeder, Professional and Author.

The Breeder edition is intended for users who want basic record keeping, printed pedigrees and automatic forms generation.

The Professional edition is for the user who is going to keep large amounts of pedigree data, import or export data on a routine basis and maintain multiple databases.

The Author edition is for those who wish to create/modify their database structure, create/modify database driven forms and create simple SQL based queries. Author owners can provide Professional and breeder edition owners with restructured tables, Form layouts and specialized SQL queries.

A unique quality of Pedigrees2020 is its ability to accommodate your needs with a user specified database for different species and breeds. Each has different record keeping needs. The one size fits all approach taken by most pedigree software venders provides only a partial solution at best.

With the Pedigrees2020 Author edition you can design a record keeping database that fits the needs of the breeds you work with. With few restrictions, field names and field compliment can be customized. A swine breeder has little need for fields designed for a canine database. A shrimp culture operation has little in common with a cattery. Gyrfalcons and Sugar Gliders both fly and are both kept by hobby breeders but thatís pretty much the end of their similarities. Using the same database design for all of them is doomed to failure from the beginning.

When it comes to a recordkeeping database one size does NOT fit all. Pedigrees2020 can provide a custom record keeping database at an off the shelf price. Purchase our Author edition and design your own. Working with several species? No problem, design a database for each species and Pedigrees2020 will accommodate all of them at the same time. We include a broad complement of database designs for you to choose from, but would be happy to do a onetime custom configuration with you order of the Pro or Author editions, just e-mail us with a list of your needs after placing your order.

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